Hiring a creative designer can feel a little ominous if you don’t know what to expect, especially if you’ve never worked together before.  Below is a basic roadmap of what you can expect while working with me.

First, let’s chat.

There’s no obligation, I just need to get an idea of the scope of your project to determine if I’m the right person for the job.  I know my strengths as a designer, and which projects might be better with a different design style.  Let’s find the best solution for your project needs.  We can chat over the phone, over email, or over a coffee (or better yet, a chai latte).

Let’s do this!

If we decide to join forces, I’ll put together a quote based on your project needs and write up a schedule of deliverables.  I will let you know the information that I need for the project and collect a 50% deposit before moving forward.

Leave it to me.

I am going to dive into research and gather the relevant information for your specific project needs, I will begin by brainstorming, rough sketching then move into concept development.  I will pause here so we can connect to discuss the design options I’ve come up.  Once we’re on the same page it’s time for me to bring the concept to life!

Sneak a peak!

I get to present the design to you and get some feedback.  We can discuss any revisions and edits that are needed before you receive the final proof of the project.

That’s a wrap.

Once your 100% satisfied, we’ll sign off on the design and I’ll get your files prepared in the necessary formats.  Once final payment is received they’ll be sent directly to you and (if needed) your printer or web designer.  Don’t feel too sad though, there’s always another project just around the corner, and I’ll be happy to hear from you again!

Tara Greening
Coldstream, B.C. Canada




G R O W .  I N N O V A T E .